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Weight Watcher Wednesday of the Day


The world may be filled with fat fucks, but that doesn’t mean I need to endorse them, even though it is probably a hate crime to point and laugh at them, or to cause a scene on the airplane when you are seated next to one….

I figure that since I am also a fat fuck, I get the pass, like the racist who says racist shit then justifies it as “my best friends are black”…or the homophobe who hates gays and says horrible things about killing them all off justified by being related to a fag…reasonable….or the transphobe who hates trannies because his wife turned into a tranny and now he’s officially gay because he loves her and relies on her as the sole earner in the house, so now it’s just him getting pegged and sucking big testosterone clit for the foreseeable future…

What I am saying is that as a fat fuck, I can say no fatties allowed, because we’re lazy, we’re gross to look at, no one loves or respects us, and the last thing we need is to sexualize ourselves because we know we feel sorry for anyone who has had sex with us, and if they play nice because it was 3 am and they were horny, we know they don’t mean the kind things they said, because we are second rate humans…

Now, some fatties…sexualizing themselves!

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