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Weight Watcher Wednesday of the Day

I think the whole “No Fat Chicks Allowed” concept of shaming fat girls for being fat, all in efforts to help save their lives, so that they get less fat, is one of those things that has just motivated fat chicks to not get fit, in efforts to save their lives, but rather to put that energy into proving that “segregation is wrong” and that you can’t back of the bus them, and not just because it’ll destroy the bus’ shocks, but because they are people too, just the size of two people…

SO yeah, maybe the only option is to jerk off to fat chicks, give them what they want, until they don’t have a reason to prove themselves anymore, giving up on the whole being fat for activism, realizing that they are gross, and wanting to get fit, so that they can have better lives….

Get to it…

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