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Childless Old Lady Jennifer Aniston in her Old Lady Underwear for a Fashion Magazine of the Day

Any dude who has any taste or standards, or any real concept of what makes a hot chick, knows that Jennifer Aniston is not very attractive.

Her features, even at her prime were fucking basic and mid-range at best, she was a product of marketing….for whatever reason the powers who control the minds of the people wanted Aniston as the love interest, the object of our desires and they put her in all kinds of shows, or movies, or whatever, where she played the same annoying person….

Sure, the hard nips on primetime in the 90s were worthy of a jerk, but those great tits and big chewable nipples, aren’t nearly enough to consider her a hot chick…

The debate is a waste of time anyway, since she’s in her 50s, barren and this whole sexualizing of old ladies is fucking demonic and against our natural needs and wants as humans….

It’s like get inside and bake some cookies Grandma, oh wait, she chose career over kids, her narcissism over kids, even though narcissists like having kids in their image, if only they were hermaphrodite’s it’d be better, a little auto-breeding so that their genetics aren’t tainted by the sperm guy…..like a sea horse….

Anyway, the media continues it’s fake news and lies by stripping granny who isn’t a granny cuz she doesn’t have kids and is just rich and alone, denying her natural instinct and gift she was given as a woman, to push the lie on other women to follow her lead…in a “I didn’t breed and Brad Pitt married me”….lie….

But yeah, she did have good nipples on Friends…

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