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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I am really not all that surprised that this goes on, while on the job, since medical workers are the sex workers of the professional field. Them and dental hygienists all digging through my mouth like a stripper trying to seduce me with her cirgarette and meth soaked fingernails that gave me giardiasis.

I just don’t find the medical industry’s location of work all that fucking sexy. Sure if I was there dying, unable to leave, there would be asses grabbed, tits grabbed, girls I expose myself to, but I’d bank on them thinking I was demented, or that it was a vaccine side effect, or just stoned on opiates causing my bad behavior…but to see this go down on the regular by the people who work there, not the perverts dying there will continue to be weird to me…especially since they aren’t all hot….and they sure as fuck aren’t wearing the Nurses Uniform they make Halloween costumes of…

Oh…the internet…creating a weird fucking world of exhibitionist perverts for us perverts and I guess it’s not all that weird….just virus, bacteria and human feces covered in a gross fucking setting….while on the fucking job….like when you take a shit at work for 2 hours instead of doing whatever mindless shit your minimum wage ass does.

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