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Cara Delevingne Shows Off her Thick Eyebrows of the Day

Here’s a picture that the internet is claiming to be Cara Delevingne, I can’t tell because all I see are some Jim Hensen looking eyebrows, which may be the style, or may be some lesbian who can’t grow a beard trying to show off that she can be a dungeon dad if she tries, it’s not just a man thing, you PATRIARCHAL TOXIC MEN….

She was a victim of a leaked nude series with the now pregnant with a billionaire Brandon Davis baby, Ashley Benson back when she was letting girls like Cara eat her ass, you know because celebrity poo is better than homeless poo….they have those fancy diets…so these are probably her tits, if you csna see her tits behind those eyebrows…

In the new ear of tranny, her tattoo design is a little unfortunate, giving that ZIPPER TIT effect, but as a lesbian, I guess the zipper tit is a sign of success, which is why Cara tattooed a zipper tit under her tit as a tribute to the zipper tits….GAY PRIDE baby…support your fellow pervert.

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