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Weight Watcher Wednesday of the Day

No fat chicks allowed….

In a world full of fat chicks, I don’t think the no fat chicks allowed mantra that we all grew up with really stuck.

I don’t know which one of you out there faltered on the plan, and decided that fat chicks are allowed, because the fat chicks were willing to have sex with you….but you have single-handedly ruined the fucking system.

There was a time when the fat chick had no self esteem and was a solid friend or blow job when needed, but always in a way that made her feel like shit about herself, to lead to more eating, more fatness….but then you fuckers said “big is beautiful” in your weird and desperate perversion…adding equity to the fat chick brand and giving them egos….throwing off the whole polarity of the planet with their fatness….all because taking growing their tits out while growing their guts out through emotional eating became hot to losers who will fuck anything….

You’re a real asshole for ruining fat chicks for the rest of us, now that they see themselves as actual people and not the beasts who present themselves as actual people that they actually are….but have no idea that they are.

It’s all YOUR fault.

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