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Ariana Grande’s Hard Nipples of the Day

Ariana Grande is so famous that people bomb her concerts so that she’s not the biggest bomb at her concert, you know offset the blame by diverting disappointment from her performance at the show to the fans that are all dead at the show…

She’s timed her new album, her acting debut since being on a Nickelodeon show with the Nickelodeon documentary about how the producers diddle the kids, marry the kids, do whatever they do with the child actors thanks to negligent parents who sell their kids off into corporate and entertainment industry, which is code for creepy sex work.

She’s got close to 400 million instagram followers, which is stupid because she’s trash, but that’s how these things work out for some people.

She’s got her tits out in a tank top showing her nipples, or some of her nipples, and I am here to support hard nipple marketing tactics, because I like tits….Hate the celebs, but willing to stare at the tits….in a lot of ways, I’m a hero.

In Ariana’s case, her nipples aren’t feeder nips, which means she could be a stunted boy….and you’re seeing boy nip on boy tit….stranger things have happened.

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