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Brooks Nader Ass in a Dress of the Day

Brooks Nader is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model who unlike the other Swimsuit models decided to date an ad sales guy instead of a professional athlete, which I guess she’s realized was a stupid fucking decision since she’s top level SI SWIM model, even getting the cover at one point in time.

The reality is that she may have been with the ad sales guy for strategic purposes because he was the ad sales guy for Sports Illustrated, plus having the ability to sell ads on the Sports Illustrated Swim during it’s shittier years as a career, meant that he could game the fuck out people as sales guys do….you know, masters of manipulation that innocent models have no defense against because they don’t realize they are as hot as they are and they respond well to being treated like they are not…

So maybe the covers are because of the SI Swimsuit exec, maybe it was to build the profile before the divorce that leads her to pro athletes to breed with….but either way she’s currently going through a divorce, but went to Miami with her bare ass out and that’s always a good way to get on with your life after a divorce….asshole first….just ready to get it filled….likely getting it filled after one too many Margaritas at the after party…

30 year old divorcees are whores especially when their profession is being whores! FUN.

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