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2009 Year End Review To Start 2010 of the Day

These are my most read posts of 2009 so I guess that means they are my best posts to sum up the year…unfortunately for a site as substantial as mine, you know a site no one reads, I guess all are an equivalent waste of fucking time but if you’re still alive after last night, which I barely am, this will give you something to waste your hangover on, if you’re not too drunk to focus on the screen, which I am…..

Happy fucking new year, I’d say let’s make 2010 a blowout year like we were DJ Paulie D with his blowout hair, but I’m saving myself for 2047 and hate how lame people get this time of year, so thank fucking got it’s over – here’s my yearly round-up…..

Maggie Gyllenhaal Naked Strip Search Scene that is Disgusting because She’s Vile Looking….

Shauna Sand Sex Tape Exclusive Clips – That Aren’t Exclusive Anymore Because The DVD is Out….

Sasha Grey Shows Off Her Deep Throat Skills – Even Though She’s a Porn Star and Deep Throating is What SHe Does

Mila Jovovich’s Post-Pregnant Ass Gets Fully Naked for Purple Magainze and it’s Not as Bad as You’d Expect Post-Pregnant Ass to Be

Carmen Electra Nude for Playboy and Playboy Didn’t Send Lawyers After me to Take it Down…

Pornstar Bree Olson Takes a Shit Before the AVN Awards Exclusive…..

Lindsay Lohan’s Desperate Attempt to be Artistic and Fashionable Topless in a Lame Pretentious Garbage Mag a Solid 5 Years Too Late….

Mel B’s Old Black Booty in FIshnets for Some Play

My Favorite Girl Pretty Much Ever Named Lydia Hearst Topless for GQ…..Always Amazing….

Lady Gaga Forget to Tuck in Some Pantsless Outfit Because She was the Biggest Deal of 2009

The Now Classic Jessica Simpson Fat Pictures…..

Lisa Rinna Did Playboy and We Thanked Technology for Photoshop…..

Hayden Panettiere and Her Mother’s Ass on Vacation in Bikinis…..

Some Model Named Paulin Porizkova I’ve Never Heard of Topless on the Beach

Nicolette Sheridan’s Flashing Some Older Pussy Lip that Michael Bolton Pretended was Testicles for Many Years….

Lady Gaga’s Disgustin Friend and Her Disgusting Vagina….

Kim Kardashian got Rebuilt on Photoshop for Complex Cuz She’s Fat and Ugly….

Adriana Lima May Not Still be a Virgin But I Like To Pretend She Is Especially When Staring at her Nipples

Nicole Kidman’s Mom Pussy is Eating Her Pants…..I’m Not Too Into this but Apparently a lot of People Were….

Sharon Stone Topless for a French Magazine….30 years Too Late…..But Better than Nothing…

That’s the end of that….Now I guess it is time to make new memories…as long as this hangover doesn’t kill me…Happy New Year but more importantly CUDDLES you assholes….

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