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Adriane Curry Does Twitter in the Shower of the Day

Adriane Curry took her vile self to the shower to wash off her sins and posted the shit on twitter for new followers…cuz I guess some people like seeing bitches strategically posed in the shower…while I’m more into seeing actual pussy lip.

Her cry for attention is obvious…but then again so is her entire career, because we’re dealing with a bitch who got addicted to “fame” from being on reality TV back in the beginning of reality TV and even married a 50 year old Brady Bunch actor cuz she was promised a reality show in exchange…but those good times are over and her camera crew was replaced with a cell phone camera and her TV show replaced with a Twitter account no one cares about, and this is her desperate effort for ratings…cuz this is all her useless ass has…I mean other than a very Brady midget and his Viagra prescription that is just happy he’s getting pussy now that he’s expired.

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