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Very NSFW Adrien Broner Sex Tape of the Day

You know how it is when you’re a bored overpaid athlete…you have girls throwing themselves at you all fucking day and even when they aren’t….it’s just a matter of making a phone call…since you know as well as they know that they are just in it for the money anyways, so whether they are legit gold diggers or groupies or hookers…in your mind they are all the fucking same…and you have sex with them regardless because there is just a lot of downtime and nothin’ to do in your privileged life…

The funny thing is that girls know that Athletes are all alpha males with a lot of money, yet they jump at the opportunity to be jumped by them, like it is some kind of status thing…so weird.

The only pro athletes who aren’t out fucking random young sluts without a condom in hotel room threesomes are the weirdo Jesus freaks who play baseball, but other than that…it’s an anything goes free for all orgy filled with unwanted pregnancies, illegitimate babies and courtroom paternity test settlements…

He’s a boxer, and like many boxers before him, he’s all testosterone fueled and the bitches be ready to fuck…this was leaked to Worldstar cuz the girls are probably trying to fame whore…use every opportunity you can yo….

Started from the unprotected sex with the ratchets…now we’re here…

Who really knows if it is him all I See is unprotected EGGPLANT …and to celebrate that…you should GET THIS it’s the unofficial sex tape mercy.

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Adrien Broner Eating Out Stripper’s Ass of the Day

Champion Boxer Adrien Broner was arrested on Monday after eating out a stripper…I didn’t bother looking into the story any more than watching the awesome videos, because really, this video is all I need to know…and that is that when drunk, rich, and a fucking killer….an ass in your face, is hard to turn down…I mean even when sober, poor, and too out of shape to walk up three stairs an ass in your face is hard to turn down….so watch the video….because other than the whole making it rain…you’d be the guy getting kicked out of the place for trying to stick a finger / your penis in.

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