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Aimee Garcia for Dexter’s Season 8 Episode 1 of the Day

I don’t watch Dexter, I know it’s all the fucking rage, people are naming their kids and their dogs after the show, but I’m just not into commitment that lasts 8 seasons…or more…that I tune into week after week…it seems like a scam, maybe even a trap designed to prevent me from living my own life, but rather to keep me inside my house, numb to all the corruption the government is pulling off…

So I’ve never heard of Aimee Garcia, but apparently, the Dexter fans are fucking excited that she’s finally got naked…like a non nude teen model from the late 90s, finally showing her pussy, after years off being a member of her site, it’s happened…and unfortunately it was badly lit and uneventful…but it still fucking happened…

I will say, that I appreciate that TV is going down the sleazy route, the 90s made me think I’d never get my own show, because anything I’d right would involve at least one interracial midget sex scene with real sex to make it more authentic…and by the looks of cable..it looks like they may beat me to it…which is okay, I’m too lazy for success and riches.

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