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AJ Odudu Nipples of the Day

AJ Odudu See Through Black Dress Nipples

When it comes to pussy, I have always believed in inclusivity and diversity, because women are wonderful, their pussies often times great, their tits fun to stare at, and mixing it up with different skin tons and accents makes things fun at the stripclub or when hiring sex workers…

So when I’d make racist jokes to make fun of racists more than the races themselves, in what I call comedy no one finds funny, despite me doing it everyday…I always laughed at the reactions I got…you know that’s how you troll and the real payout for being a troll..because I knew that night I was washing myself off in a puddle before comeing home smelling of strong perfumed black chicks cuz I was just in that kind of mood for that kind of lap dance….

I truly believe we are all one people, the human race, and that we are all fucking idiots getting nonsense between us, but I also think seeing the media, that is fucking racist, throw black people into everything now, in an obvious way, trying to mimic Canadian TV, which has been doing that since before the first Degrassi and that is more a joke than anything…

Anyway, this AJ Odudu and her amazing African name, is a TV presenter and these are her amazing nipples celebrating feminism or tits….a cause I appreciate.


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