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Amanda by Alessandro Casagrande for Purple of the Day


Whenever I see models I’ve never heard of posing naked and looking amazing…I am brought hope…or at least I am reminded that none of these “it girls” today actually matter, even though they think they do…because there is a world of fucking babes…willing to get naked…to get noticed so that they can emulate the careers of these other twats…because the money is easy..

So I don’t know who Amanda is…but I do know the work of Alessandro Casagrande …and it’s pretty good stuff…and I’m not just saying that because of the tits…or maybe I am..

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Diana by Alessandro Casagrande of the Day

Photographer ALESSANDRO CASAGRANDE took a couple of pictures of a model named Diana. I know very little about Diana as a person, you know her strengths and weaknesses, I don’t know her hobbies, or what she likes doing. I don’t know her childhood dreams, her relationship status and I don’t know if her parents are divorced or still married. I don’t know where she is from, what her living situation is like, or what her credit score is…I don’t know what makes laugh, cry, or feel inspired..

But I have seen her tits and so have you – and that may be all you need to see.

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Lola Mcdonnell Topless and Amazing Workout by Alessandro Casagrande of the Day

This model’s name is LOLA McDONNELL . She seems to be from Australia. She’s in this amazing workout video, that should inspire all girls to workout topless if built like this because it’s fucking hot as fuck….shot by a photographer Alessandro Casagrande, who I’ve posted before and who does awesome stuff…

I mean this is what workout videos are meant to be….

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Mariana Braga for Polanski Vol. 3 by Alessandro Casagrande of the Day

Her name is Mariana Braga. She’s Polish. I think. Doesn’t matter, because she’s in this shoot by photographer Alessandro Casagrande for something called POLANSKI and she’s amazing…

This isn’t the photographer’s hot hipster chick posing half naked rodeo. He’s done it HERE AND HERE and HERE and HERE

I like his hustle…I like his pics…I like the girls he shoots. I want to have babies inside each of them so that they are forced to answer me when I text message them for nudes.

This is the new generation model. Naked. Not quite a model. Rockin’ a bush. Shooting erotica like old Penthouse I used to jerk off to. And it’s exciting to me…the future….finally is going in the right direction…I mean if you ignore war, missing planes, crashing planes and all the horrible people there are…at least nudity is getting more accepted in the mainstream, because really it isn’t a big deal at all.

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Hot Hipster Model for Alessandro Casagrande of the Day

Her name is Gabri…and I guess she doesn’t matter in the grand scheme but what does matter is that she’s starring in this hot as fuck, raw, fashion porn type pics, wearing some sheer outfits looking all young, hot and seductive, like you just met her at the after party after you did too much Molly and feel like you’re about to shit yourself, so you run home only to find these pics of her to jerk off to and ask yourself whether she was the one, like a craigslist misconnection, only with more sheer hipster clothing…

The photographer’s name is Alessandro Casagrande, and he’s good…


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