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Alessia Tedeschi has a Rockin’ Body of the Day

Alessia Tedeschi looks like a lot of fun, or at least her body does.

She’s some low level italian model who doesn’t matter, but she’s gone to Ibizia and in doing so, has got her ripped body with implants, that distract from her busted face, into a bikini…and the paparazzi ate it up.

I prefer when the low levels do porn, or at least nudes, I mean she’s built for it, but I’ll take staged bikinis pics, cuz lets face it, nothing else is going on for me right now, and even if it was, you know if I had my wife and stepdaughters in a bikini, these pictures are more arrousing, but more importantly, these pictures smell a lot better, cuz my wife is obese and has a hard time wiping properly, and powering just doesn’t mask the small, it kinda just adds a new floral layer to it….and it’s fucking horrible…while this bitch is lovely as fuck, and as low level as she is, it is safe to say Clooney is probably already trying to recruit him to his Lake Como retreat for anal. Good hustle.

TO SEE Alessia Tedeschi Hot in Her Bikini

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