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A. Rod Likes His Women Manly and in Thongs of the Day

I don’t follow sports, or Cameron Diaz gossip, so I didn’t know that A.Rod, the guy responisble for turning both Madonna and Cameron Diaz into what must be steroid using, dick clitted bitches with lots of muscles, you know pushing them as close as he could them to manliness….was no longer with Cameron Diaz, but instead throwing parties in his Miami mansion, with chicks who might as well have testicles….Sexy…..I wonder where he found these bitches? I wonder if these bitches are actually bitches or if they just like dressing up and pretending they are when getting fucked up the ass…I mean it only makes sense Miami is a hub for homosexuals….I’ve been there….so many scooters, white pants, pink shirts and party drugs….and apparently trannies…

To See the Rest of the Pics

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