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Alexandra Carl’s Tits for Fashion of the Day

Her name is Alexandra Carl and you may remember her as “Waitress at Inn” in Sex and the City 2, because I assume you are that pussy-whipped or desperate to watch that shit, hoping to learn how single girls actually think, when really you’re just learning about how gay men think, since they actually write the script to that shit, not that you it matters, what does matter is that this Alexandra Carl chick is some model who I guess is trying to breakthrough as an actor and she’s doing it the right way…by getting topless for photoshoots to get noticed, a strategy that works for me when my wife makes me go to job interviews in hopes one day I’ll work again, because apparently stripping down when asked what your best and worst quality is doesn’t go over well when it comes to actually hiring you…and sabotaging job interviews is kinda my thing…you know cuz when you’re actually hired for a gig it’s hard to convinve your wife why you’d rather sit on the computer trying to masturbate.

Here are her little tits.

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