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Alexis Bledel Topless of the Day


This is huge for the VIRGIN LOSERS who read this site…because I’ve known VIRGIN LOSERS in the past…and they all used to love the show Gilmore Girls….her claim to fame before showing her tits on Mad Men….and in being a straight man….that made no fucking sense to me…the only mom / daughter dynamic and drama in a small down I want to deal with, is watching them both choke on my dick, ideall in the same fucking motel room at the same fucking time….but VIRGIN LOSERS are a breed of their own…so this is gonna make some heads explode….cuz VIRGIN LOSERS are fans for life once they commit to an actress to fan…it’s all part of the awkwardness of VIRGIN LOSERS.

Alexis Bledel must have got a set of implants…they look like implant tits to my expert implant spotting eye…not that implants are a bad thing…they save shitty tits…but cuz I like knowing if I am dealing with robot tit you can buy at the store or real tit deal…

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Alexis Bledel For the Virgins of the Day

< The only person I have ever knows who was into Gilmore Girls was this 28 year old virgin. So these pictures of this chick must be driving him fuckin' bananas. Now, I know you don't believe me when I say he was an actual fuckin' virgin, you think I'm just playing that shit off lightly because dude watched shows designed for teenage girls, but the truth is that this motherfucker lived in a one bedroom apartment, got awkward when women were around him, had 8 computers next to his bed, and was balding from the radiation. He also had a big screen TV and collected teenage girl TV show boxset DVDs, he'd get 2 of each, one to use and one to keep on the shelf next to his action figures he treated the same fuckin' way, because that's what virgin collectors do, I mean when you're not fuckin' girls or chasing skirts, what else is there to really do, I mean other than yelling at me and kicking me out of his house for playing with his light sabre and the whole thing really only got weird when I realized I was his only friend and he'd call me constantly cuz I guess he was trying to collect me. Either way, here's the bitch from that show who I never thought was hot showing some tit and who really fuckin' cares...I know I don't.

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