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Ali Fedotowsky Bikini Ass of the Day

Jason Biggs from American Pie fame has a wife who I told on twitter that I wanted to give her an abortion with my tongue after she wrote on twitter something along the lines of “my favorite part of The Bachelor is when the girls equate getting fingered for love”…and despite hating most things most people say…I kinda agreed with her….not that I’ve ever seen any of these shows, but the concept of putting one dude in a house with a bunch of catty women, fighting for his “love”, only for him to choose one he loves at the end of the season, who he will contractually stay with for one year, when really it is just a quest for these useless whores to get on TV, is pretty fucking pathetic and really reminds us just how fucking weird our world is….where fags can’t get married, but TV can make a mockery of marriage with retards and sluts fighting for camera time, while America eats the bullshit up….it must have some real negative repercussions on our morals and values…provided we even have any…cuz I know I don’t…

Here’s one of the cunt in a bikini…..

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