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Alison Sweeney for Shape of the Day

Hey Alison Sweeney, who the fuck are you?

According to Wikipedia, she’s soap star from Days of Our Life, who married a cop who was hired to be on Days of Our Life for one episode, and she had 2 kids with him, before hosting Biggest Loser, a show that is probably good for the ego to host, because despite your hard aging, and average at best body, you look awesome next to the bigs and cows they’ve let out of the barn filled with fast food, to exploit them for ratings, while seemingly saving their fat lives with diet and exercise, something all of us should be doing before we hit 250 – 700 lbs.

And here she is posing in a bikini for Shape Magazine, because you’d assume being on the show would teach her good diet and exercise habits, while I would think it actually is more a “hey pass the donuts, at least it’s not like I’m 300 pounds” situation…at least based on these photoshopped bikini pics for a magazine…

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