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Allie Marie Evans Nude on the Toilet of the Day

Allie Marie Evans Nude

Allie Marie Evans is apparently one of the people on Euphoria, not the trans, the fat, the latin, but the one who was only in one episode and probably had a very limited talking role, but what the fuck do I know…this is the first time I’ve seen her name an I just assumed she was Robert Evans’ granddaughter – RIP…. I read his biography a long time ago and when I see a new name I just assume they have famous ancestors….

I gues going for Robert Evans was the RACIST thing to do because I am assuming she’s WHITE….when she could very well be Faith Evans’ relative too….it’s a modern world people, stop jumping to conclusions…

I actually don’t give a fuck about this shoot, but she’s naked and taking a shit, even thought girls don’t shit…at least not in my world….so seeing them on the toilet means “having unwanted baby at prom”….it’s a hotter concept than feces…


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