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Amanda DeCadanet’s Fat Tits of the Day

The unfortunate story behind these pictures is that I was misinformed when downloading and uploading and wasting my time on them becaue I was told she was an ex-supermodel who turned fat and I thought shit was hysterical and good to laugh at, knowing that some of you woulda been into her fat tits, cuz I have known many dudes over my life who only need fat tits to get off and don’t care that the rest of the girl they met off internet chat for a blow job is also fat, so it was like the best of both worlds….you get tits, I get jokes, we all live happily ever after, except maybe the bitch in the pictures cuz looking like that makes living happy a serious challenge….but it turns out she was never a fucking supermodel, she was a photographer who took pictures of supermodels and really whether she was skinny before and fat now makes no fucking difference at all because bitches turning fat is only funny when it is the hot bitch who wouldn’t fuck you or the hot bitch who made a living off being the hot bitch, and not when bitch is just an everyday nobody cuz that’s just depressing and as a man with a fat wife, I feel her husband’s pain..but at least you still get pictures of some fat tits and that’s really all you’re here for…user.

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