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Amanda Holden Gets Naked on the Radio of the Day

Amanda Holden is some slutty slag from the UK who hosts a morning show and/or Britain Has Talent..

She doesn’t wear a bra and has hard old lady nipples consistently on her social media feed, so you know she’s just packaged as a modernized geriatric Page 3 girl with smaller tits than most Page 3 girls, since Brits like tits with their news or daily topics of conversation.

She is going viral for going naked on the radio, which would be more exciting if we could see that old lady cunt dangling all dry and leathery between her legs, you know like how old lady vagina typically ages out….instead we have this bullshit.

The bit was more about tit than cunt, it was to have people draw her dude like she was a live nude model, only we didn’t see any of the nudity which defeats the fucking point of some UK Host doing a nude viral stunt…but I’ll take it.

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Amanda Holden’s Old Nipples in her Green Dress of the Day

Amanda Holden is 53 years old, which in whore years, like dog years, is the equivalent of being 250…but she makes it look pretty good. I guess women don’t have to rot as hard as they seem to rot, especially when they are rich and on TV. Extreme measures must be taken.

Since she’s as old as she is, I can assume I’ve done at least one post on her in the past calling her out for being some kind of shameless whore seeking attention, not that that is a bad thing. I mean life is short, use all the tools you can to get as far as you can if that’s what you want to do, because ultimately none of it fucking matters.

She is apparently an actor who ended up hosting a talent show before landing a daytime morning show in the UK and this is how she dresses.

I assume it’s a little like how British Newspapers all had those titty models on page 3, the uptight, rotten tooth, sophisticated British working class like tits…so this is just the pivot of no one reading to TV broadcasts no one is watching so they need hard nipples to get somewhere on the internet and social media….I dig it.

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Amanda Holden Nipple of the Day

Amanda Holden is not Amanda Seyfried…and she didn’t release pics of her sucking off the Mac Guy…a few days after marrying her baby daddy that she’s been knocked up by for the last few months….

But she’s also a slut, egotistical, narcissistic, out there trying to be famous because famous is in – an she’s doing it with intentional nip slips…

My kind of girl…even though I don’t know who the fuck she is…

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Amanda Holden’s Ass for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know who Amanda Holden is, but apparently she tweeted a picture of her ass on set of some morning or daily or TV show and her fan base went nuts – probably because she’s got a good ass despite being 44…and maybe because people on TV don’t just tweet their asses, even when she’s being so clever with the way she shows it off by pretending this is what the camera angle from behind looks like – up on some news anchor / David Letterman not wearing pants behind his desk…kind of thing…and I guess when anyone tweets their ass, even a grandma, because her dress doesn’t fit proper – whether on TV or not…I’ll stare…because I like ass…and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Amanda Holden’s Got Shoes on Her Tits for Charity of the Day

Her name is Amanda Holden, she is some Britain’s Got Talent judge or host who I’ve never heard of because I don’t live in Britain and even if I did, I seriously doubt that I’d care enough about the grey skinned, rotting toothed, overweight, ugly people from Britain’s level of fuckin’ talent, to watch this garbage, but it did give me Susan Boyle virginity to jerk off to, so I guess I shouldn’t fully discount its potential.

What I do care about is charity organizations, not because I like helping the world or saving whales, aids babies and breasts, but because some genius decided to come up with concept that really push people out of their comfort zone, not that this whore isn’t used to get naked, but you know what I mean, to get attention to their cause, guilting celebrities and women everywhere to get half naked and use a pair of heels to cover their nipples, because dude’s probably got some kind of heel fetish and this whole perversion is diverted by a good cause…pretty clever.

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