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Richard Kern’s Panty Fetish Video of the Day

I generally avoid Richard Kern, because he works for VICE and VICE owes me 1000 dollars and never paid back when they had no idea how to make a website, relied heavily on their forum and needed me to drive traffic to them….ignoring my invoices like the useless 40 year old MTV Hipsters cashing out they are – FUCK THEM.

Recently, Richard Kern, the VICE photographer who takes erotic pics of young looking girls like he was American Apparel was in MONTREAL, the city I live in, and his press people hit me up, only to not invite me to his shitty shoot, where I just wanted to see young whores get naked….in fact they told me I wasn’t welcome, but that they really wanted me to promote it anyway….Fuck them.

But when I saw this video, I had no choice but to post it, panty in face is a simple yet genius concept. Lookin’ good.

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