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Amber Lancaster is Trash I’d Like to Pick Up of the Day

Amber Lancaster has an amazing career of being Miss Washington Teen USA, which lead to being in a Bo Bice music video, even though I have no idea who Bo Bice is, but I’m thinking he failed American Idol or something….She was also a show model on the Price is Right and in 2009 she peaked as a Trophy Holder at the Primetime Emmy Awards…where she got more airtime, although unnoticed airtime on TV of her fucking career….rubbing elbows with famous TV people, hoping to rub genitals, making her the next Sofia Vergara or some shit….and now she’s posing with trash after drinking her sorrows away for not making it like her Miss Washington Teen USA win made her think was oging to happpen for her before reality set in that life isn’t as easy as daddy made it out to be with all those praises he gave her growing up….who cares. Clearly not many people.

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