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Amelia Hamlin is Model of the Year of the Day

Amelia Hamlin is Lisa Rinna’s hot rich kid daughter, who I guess went officially viral on social media for being a hot LA rich kid with a dream to get noticed and the support of her rich and connected parents to help make that happen.

Basically a Jenner Hadid situation, which is convenient because the family sold her off to Scott from the Kardashian family, who was apparently the brains of the whole marketing hustle they all executed, allowing her to really learn how to turn her rich kid status into something more….

Shockingly, despite her hot pics and slutty mom, she didn’t go down the OF road of selling nudes that her mother takes of her because it’s all just a fun silly rich person troll on how to get richer….through perversion and vanity….

She instead is winning Model of the Year awards from legit industry people, which could definitely be paid for bought and planned, or part of the global cabal’s vision for her, keeping their own at the top…but maybe it’s a legit thing…and that’s crazy.

Either way, it’s way more high profile than I’d expect of the rich kid babe who whored on social media..in this era of whoredom….when she’s been pretty much in-line with the whoredom content but like Rat Cow was able to spin it to mainstream success since her mom is a mainstream whore….

It’s all very weird, but tight dresses are hot…and it just goes to show you that if you whore a little, dreams can come true, like meaningless titles and trophies that validate you.

Tight dresses are hot though..

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Amelia Hamlin’s Got her Tits Out for Fashion of the day

So Amelia Hamlin, the girl who dated Scott Disick from the Kardashians when she was 18 to level up her celebrity using the Kardashian school of whoring yourself to the top, is also the daughter of a fame whore named Lisa Rinna, who I really only know for her Playboy shoot of many years ago, but who I guess was important enough to be paid to be in Playboy, back when they paid girls to get naked for magazines, instead of girls getting naked for free on social media….before realizing they could OnlyFans it and get paid to get naked like they would have if they hadn’t all killed Playboy by giving it away for free.

The point of the story is Amelia Hamlin, who is skinny with a set of solid and full tits, is doing this nudity under the guise of FASHION, or that stamp of approval of high profile fashion….

But to the old school pervert, this doesn’t seem much like a fashion shoot, but rather a Playboy shoot of the past, that is marketed as a fashion shoot, because the fashion companies can pretend to be luxury and get the big dollar advertiser even if they are putting out smut.

I post this, it’s porn that can’t be monetized, they do it and it’s art or high concept….it’s the injustices of the world…..where I remain the ultimate loser for not gaming it like this magazine games it.

So as so follows her Whore Mother’s footsteps, she brings us tiny nips, some landing strip, and they are all proud of it because it’s for CR Fashion Book….and not her OnlyFans or instagram….and people buy into this being fashion or art or breaking the internet caliber content because a fashion magazine put it out….

Sometimes, bitches and their family and friends need that stamp of approval to strip down like the whores they are….and luckily, we get to reduce it to the smut that it is, because this shoot isn’t fashion, we’ve been at this for 20 years, we know what CR Fashion Book is doing here…..and they should keep it up.

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Amelia Gray Lingerie of the Day

Amelia Gray Hamlin’s living the dream, this slutty lingerie selfie that she took of herself, is a paid ad, because of course it is. Her family sold her to that Scott Disick dude, who is one of the Kardashians handlers, who has been involved in the evil that these people have pushed onto a weak public in exchange for stupid fucking money, since it’s always about the fucking money….and for whatever reason, probably because people are self involved, narcissistic and godless, they think that being more like a Kardashian than someone with a soul or spirit, because the internet has told them that, we get all these bootleg versions doing their best impression.

There was a time lingerie companies did photoshoots in amazing places, that you could really get sucked into, now a bitch takes 10 minutes to do her slutty lingerie selfie, totally low hanging fruit, low grade, bottom feeding shit…and that’s MARKETING….because it converts more sales…


But if you’re gonna pay a bitch for anything, it might as well be a panty selfie…

Apparently, she’s no longer fucking 40 year old Scott Disick, so the early 20 year old is no longer a stepmom in training, but his work is done…he’s got more aspiring rich LA 20 year olds to fuck like a creeper coach teaching them the evil tricks of the evil trade of EVIL….


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Amelia Hamlin Panties of the Day

I now you didn’t know that Lisa Rinna was a muppeteer, but I just watched a Jim Henson and Frank Oz documentary on the Muppets or maybe it was Sesame Street’s origin story, I don’t pay attention to the things that I watch, but figured tap into nostalgia and learn about how PBS put that woke shit together, since we’re in this era where “EVERYTHING IS RACIST”….and “THERE IS NO ETHNICITIES ON TV”….part of that whole narrative that anyone who has watched TV was probably like “What are they talking about, I’ve seen all ethnics on TV since the dawn of fucking time”…..

Nostalgia aside, clearly the whole concept of muppets have not gone away, it’s more popular than ever, because all these people are turning themselves into muppets, you know with face injections, to live their best instagram filtered face life….

I don’t mind, because strippers and hookers have been doing this for as long as I can remember, so I know the look, I live in French Canada, they’ve always looked like this…

I don’t mind because they are in their panties and I’m into that, even if everything else about them is fucking horrible trash….she’s probably been getting them surgeries or treatments to line up with her own face..you know how these garbage people are.

So this is the muppet Lisa Rinna built, she’s 20, and the Kardashian’s hanler Scott Disick currently has her under contract, with her reality star attention seeking mom’s blessing, knowing this could be fucking huge for her…but I’m just here for the panties.


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Amelia Hamlin See Through Bra and Panties of the Day

Amelia Hamlin is Lisa Rina’s daughter who as you’d expect is a bottom feeder in Hollywood, just like her mother…some Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree situation where Fame and Fortune and being followed and relevant is ALL THAT FUCKING matters in their money grubbing disgusting meaningless existence that no one seems to see as disgusting and meaningless because all these other narcissistic fucks look onto people like this as idols or as goals or would it be #goals because they are actually mindless idiots with no real intelligence at all…BUT AT LEAST THEY POST THE NUDES and SEMI NUDES like low level pornographers who don’t film themselves getting fucked, at least not yet.

This one is fucking a Kardashian affiliate, he’s either her handler or just a rich pervert with access and who understands her needs and wants…because a regular sugar daddy isn’t enough, she needs one who understands what being famous for being a talentless hack is about, since the Rina girls don’t got no marketable talents other than half nudes…and I guess what it comes down to is who fucking cares, I’ll still look at the half nudes.

Amelia Hamlin See Through Bra and Panties


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Amelia Hamlin Tits on The Beach

Amelia Hamlin is a survivor, or maybe her titties are, because when she was 16 she got a breast reduction, but she’s still got big round tits that are either aftermarket, you know after that buyers remorse of chopping the tits off and having a massive anchor scar on them for the rest of your life, despite the nice new shape those sloppy fucks would have been….I mean they’re looking pretty big for having been cut off….but we’ve seen breast reduction tits get swolled up as the girls age because I guess if your body wants to store it’s fat there, even surgeries can’t stop them…the tits are survivors…you can cut them, but they will heal…you can deflate them but they will grow back with vengence to big bigger and better than they ever would….

Unfortunately her face injections don’t tell the same story, because she messed with that face, probably to match her mom Lisa Rina’s face, and that shit didn’t bounce back like the tits did…that face looks rough for a young 20 year old….

She’s currently dating the evil demon that is Scott Disick, one of the Kardashian masterminds who has manipulated the world into thinking they are better than the trashy they are….and he’s currently collecting and recruiting the LA rich kids looking for some of that Kardashian fame…because all these LA idiots are fucking money grubbing attention seeking pigs…their culture, society, community LIVE off that shit…which is why we’ve been waiting for that natural disaster to take them all out…YET it never fucking happens….

Hot tits though!

Amelia Hamlin Tits on The Beach



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Delilah Belle and Amelia Hamlin Bikini Sisters of the Day

Delilah Belle Amelia Hamlin Bikini

I don’t know wha thte fuck is going on on the right side of Lisa Rinna’s fater daughter’s hip, but it’s probably scars from her 16th birthday liposuction her vapid soap star, which is basically mainstream porn star, before becoming a reality star, which is basically also mainstream porn star mom Lisa made them get when she was trying to position them as bootleg Kardashians of instagram……

You know that a vain Hollywood based trashcan of a mother would put all kinds of pressure on her kid to starve herself out to be pretty enough to get attention needed to sell product on social media….which is what all these moms want.

Whatever it is, it’s fucking weird looking and I’ve seen chicks naked, fat chicks and skinny chicks, so this weirness is just weird….maybe it’s some Quarantine bod fails…but at least her sister, raised in the same trashy environment of being rich bottom of the barrel Los Angeles Entertainment industry trash. I’ll never understand why anyone envies these people….they are all lame as fuck….you know there are hot girls out there who don’t have sex worker moms trying to be exclusive and elite amongst other idiots who put importance on such bullshit like Hollywood….

We really shouldn’t hate on the girls who had no say in any of that, but were abused into it by their moms, it’s almost mean to point out her weird pussy area, that looks like an obese stomach after it was stapled, because this poor girl is the victim here, her mother probably puts her through enough grief….and it’s really not all that bad….but her mother is all that bad….maybe they’ll collectively turn on her and the HAMLIN SISTERS will be the next Menedes Brotehrs…only time will tell…but the one on the left is about two burritos away from snapping…after being shamed for eating two burritos…



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Amelia Gray Hamlin Hard Nipples of the Day

Amelia Gray Hamlin Hard Nipples

Young girls don’t wear bras. It is the style that allows them to get attention without seeming Shameless even though they are rich kids with Shameless parents grown up and raised in the slums of Beverly Hills where the family idolizes the Kardashians and their money and want their young sluts on the same hustle…because LA is the hub of the worst humans ever…with the worst approach to life…and the worst morals and values and their kids are the pawns they raised that are even worse….

Point of the story is – we like looking at the nips in wifebeaters…

I remember a time when it was so rare to see a braless wifebeater…that when you did you’d get pretty excited and even in this desensitized world…I still find it pretty great.


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Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Hamlin Braless of the Day

Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Hamlin Braless hard nipples

Two sisters from LA, who are on the lower tier of relevant in comparison to the other girls they grew up with, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to get noticed, to matter, to be seen. I mean they come from a low hanging fruit celebrity stock, but were brought up amongst other kids with far richer parents than them, so they know they have to put that extra effort in, effort that the parents fully support and contribute to, because they want Hadid/Jenners of their own…you know relevant young sluts….

So they get out there nipples out, braless, cuz people don’t wear bras anymore, doing the sister fetish to all dudes who have wanted to fuck a set of sisters, both at the same time or at different times, and the whole thing is pretty silly, but not too silly to post, because Lisa Rina, their mom with the fake lips, who may or may not have had sex with Trump on Celebrity apprentice, is a carnival freak in her own right, so seeing her offspring doing this…is newsworthy to me.


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Lisa Rinna and Amelia Hamlin Bikinis of the Day

Lisa Rinna Green Bikini in Cabo

Lisa Rinna was a Soap Star, Melrose Place Star, pretty much a SFW pornstar since that’s what both those shows were…and her face kinda proves it…face injections before face injections were on every 15 year old girl…

She became a reality show personality in 2011….

So her daughters have a sense of the importance of shameless famewhoring…they got it from the front lines…from their mommas…and now at 20 looks like this…This is her daughter Amelia – Post Eating Disorder – Trying to be a social media influencer….or model…

Ameilia Hamlin Black Bikini on Vacation

To See More Pics!! Click HERE

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