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Some NY Ink Tattoo Artist with a Bitch in a Bikini of the Day

I am not posting this because it is all that hot. I am not posting it because I have an addiction to bikini pics and I am more than eager to post even the most obscure people in a bikini, even though that’s usually the case…I am posting this to prove a point that tattoos on chicks in fucking ugly….and even a tattoo artist with a show about being a tattoo artist knows that pussy is more pure without it looking like she covered in cheesy, jersey shore inspired, colorful vomit, like some kind of miserable sketch book….I know all the conservative dudes I know, love to hire the rattiest biker looking goth chick to suck them off when they are on business trips…and I get the appeal for them and their cookie cutter boring lives…you know to add excitement…but I also know that those inked up whores….are just that…inked up whores…and really beauty comes from untainted, untagged up like an underpass, pussy….Good job promoting your industry N.Y. ink guy….all this to say….tattoos aren’t cool….get over it frat boy.

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