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Big Island, Little Woman in a Bathing Suit of the Day

They make midget porn for a reason, and that reason is that people do have midget fetishes. I don’t really get what people find hot about midgets, I guess it could have to do with their little dicks lookin’ huge in a midget hand, or maybe it’s like fucking an awkwardly shaped kid without the legal issues, or maybe they have really tight pussies, and really the whole thing isn’t that big of a deal, because despite popular belief, midgets are humans to, so it’s not like fucking a farm animal, or a squrrel at the park, or random rotting food you’ve pulled out of the garbage. Sure, I’m not entirely a fan of the midget body, I kinda like my girls long, lean and not retarded looking, but there are far worse things a person could be rubbing their dicks off to, so I figure we should celebrate it, because like black people, amputees, Mexicans, retards and homeless, the midgets are human too, and shouldn’t be ignored when they prance around in bikinis, no matter how much it feels like a fuckin’ circus act.

Her name is Amy Roloff, she is a little person in a big world, she exploits her midget stature more than the hooker I knew exploited the scar on her leg that could be used as a second pussy, so I don’t feel bad pointing and laughing at this freaky image.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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