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Cosplayer Anna Faith Carlson Pre-Boobs Nude of the Day


I know zero about nerd shit like Cosplay, I mean I know what it is, but I don’t know who the girls in that scene are, I find it weird…and awkward, probably because the dudes who follow it are weird and awkward, I mean it’s fetishy, and perverted, and lonely and sad…all bundled up into one big comicon event…where the smell of pathetic is overpowered by the smell of obesity masked in semen and fast food…..

That’s not to say everyone into comicbooks and sci/fi are weird, some of the biggest perverts who bang some of the hottest girls, are into that shit, they are rich from internet related things, and just killing it all thanks to their social awkwardness….but it’s not the millionaire nerd weirdos I am worried about…it’s the ones making replicas of people like this Anna Faith Carlson, COSPLAY for days…in their mom’s basement on the weekend to LARP with….

Well, apparently before she got tits, she had this nude selfie taken…and I guess this is big news for you people…she’s got close to a million fans…bigger than most celebs on social media…so she matters…to a very weird group..but still matters…

It’s not a hot pic and it may not even be here – I couldn’t tell you if it was her or not – even if it was a pic of her passport – because I’ve never heard of her.

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