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Anna Silentium with Braces in Pantyhose of the Day

Her name is ANNA SILENTIUM , even though that doesn’t really sound like a real last name, at least not a real Russian Last name, but who cares about geography and naming practices….

What we have here is a much bigger deal and very very rare unicorn….

She is a grown ass woman posing half naked and in pantyhose, but unlike most grown ass women – girl has Braces!!

I know there are dudes with braces fetishes, which is a weird fetish to have according to me, unless you’re an Orthodontist, in which case it’s a normal fetish to have, probably the reason you got into the profession, but probably the reason your clients would want to avoid your practice, because you don’t want the weirdo who sexualizes braces going on in your mouth, when he is the one who you are paying thousands of dollars to put them things in your mouth…or worse…in your kid’s mouth.

I am from the school of thought that braces are gross, food all up in them…memories of high school lunch and fucking gagging while sitting across by some fucking metal mouth motherfucker….or thoughts of dick skin getting caught during my first blowjob with the only girl in my class into that kind of thing….the light bouncing off her metallic mouth…blinding me….causing fear in my stomach….as I saw nothing but a chainsaw coming at me…forcing me to not go through with it not realizing it wouldn’t be until 30 before the next girl offered.

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