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Candy from Two and a Half Men in a Bikini of the DAy


It amazes me that someone like Charlie Sheen, who had the celebrity and power to fuck whoever he wanted, especially, hot bottom feeding talent who was on his show, chose to go after these gutter, trashy, hooking porn chicks, but then again, I feel I bring enough damage, baggage and issues to any relationship on any level, so I prefer getting down with people who are normal, respectable, trying to launch legit careers, cuz despite knowing all girls are sluts, I prefer the ones who are a little more selective in their slutting….there’s less AIDS that way….

Either way, here’s a girl he shoulda fucked instead of Bree Olson, who he could have trained to be a Bree Olson, cuz she’d be winning to do anything for her career, but instead he just went for Bree Olson, cuz you can’t fall in love with a Bree Olson, you can just treat her like dirt and have amazing sex with her, without all the talking….OH, I get it now…that’s why he doesn’t want actual hot chicks you’d want to eat out…they take work and have needs like little entitled princesses…It all makes sense…what was I thinking..

Not that this April chick is all that great, but she’s bottom feeding half naked for Maxim, holding onto a dream, and that could have been very advantageous.


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