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Possibly Robin Thickes Nude Baby Momma of the Day

Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke’s son who helped create Em Rata thanks to being an LA creeper who fucks models…I think Em Rata despite his video being the video that launched her….tried to cancel him a few months ago because that’s the new “THANK YOU” card in this era of MONSTERS.

I grew up watching Alan Thicke, from Growing Pains to WIN LOSE OR DRAW…which I think was a Canadian only talk show…or JERKING off to the sitcom theme songs….from the Facts of Life….HELLO BLAIR….to the original Wheel of Fortune….OH SHIT…I just came.


I don’t know if this is the young model that Robin Thicke is either married to, or has knocked up…IS THAT PUSSY WITH THE RAZOR BURN STICKING it’s tongue out at us like we’re other RICH guys she fucked along the way climbing that ladder to Robin Thicke’s thickness…

All this to say, hot tits, hot body, if you were rich and an heir to the Alan Thicke empire, I think this pussy would PASS the test.


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April Love Geary Impersonator of the DAY


TO assume that April Love Geary is not a sex worker would be crazy…

80 percent of aspiring models you’ve never heard of – even the signed ones – are sex workers…

The fact she’s dating Robin Thicke….is further proof she’s a sex worker…he’s the one who found Rat Cow Kow Ski for his Blurred LINES video at the local sugar baby hot chick with big tits whorehouse…

And these pics just drive it home…

Girl’s got rent to pay, rich guys to hang out with, leveraging as hard as she can – to maintain that shitty fanciful LA life…garbage…

If you go to LA parties, you can spot the April Love Geary’s in the room…they are usually with the old married guy…waiting at his hotel room he booked her – or the apartment he pays for her to turn tricks for him…

But it’s not hooking because it feels like it’s exclusive and that she’s only got one client…that loves her..

Either way, hot body…and her sugar babies will probably hire lawyers to get these removed, even though they know it’s hardly anywhere near how hardcore girl gets…


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April Love Geary is Robin Thicke’s New Girl of th Day

In LA, the sexual predators aren’t always the TV and Film and Music execs who everyone likes to target. I mean sure, they are all fucking creepers, they make a lot of money, they have their assistants do all their work, they are always on lunch meetings…but they are constantly being seduced by young, hot, girls who moved to LA to get famous, and who want to get famous, and who will do anything to get famous, or to associate with fame, or to get into that lifestyle to sit by the pool all day…

So “model” who I assume is an instagram model April Love Geary, has seduced, or been seduced by Robin Thicke, because that’s just how LA works.

She’s 19, she has sex with him, probably wants his baby, or at least leverage his name to get into the tabloids…I mean how else do you stand out from teh other instagram models..

Here are a bunch of her pics.


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