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Ariadne Artiles in Some Boring Bikini Catalog Pics of the Day

Ariadne Artiles is some model I’ve never heard of, which isn’t saying much since I don’t even remember my own name, and I have facial recognition blindness, leading me with one and only one way to recognize if I have talked to or about a girl, and that’s with her vagina and I am not even joking. If I fuck a girl I’ve already fucked but forgot I fucked her, or if I am at the strip club, and don’t recognize the girl on stage, even if I had a lap dance and heard her life story for 10 dollars a song, the second the panties come off I know if I’ve been there…leading me to assume that this babe from the Canary Islands…and in some bikini catalog pics that don’t really matter…has never been naked on the site before…but there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

All this to say, the name Ariadne is weird, but her body is not.

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Models in in Yamamay The Sexy Calendar 201 of the Day

I figure a day is not a day unless it is marked on a Calendar….especially a Calendar with hot babes I’ve never heard of….including but not limited to Ariadne Artiles, Laura Sanchez and Irina Sharipova….just joking….Calendars are fucking stupid…and so is the concept of days…especially when you are a drunk…because they all kinda blend into one another….then it’s Superbowl….then they all blend into each other then it’s summer….it’s a fucking joke…and the fact that people still produce these things makes no sense to me…especially when most motherfuckers have smart phones….here are the pics anyway…

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