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Arielle Kebbel Posing Nude Behind a Handkerchief of the Day

First, I want to say that a Handkerchief is spelled in a fucking crazy way….who the fuck invented that word…especially since this isn’t even a fucking handkerchief…but I felt like labeling it one like how I label people’s genders despite their “don’t assume my gender cries”…

Now, back to our regular post, of an actress named Arielle Kebbel. She’s 35, from Florida, was a Miss Flordia Pageant girl who went onto model, before deciding acting was her calling, because it’s a joke career that pays well for very little work.

She’s known for a bunch of movies and shows I’ve never heard of, more recently a recurring role on Ballers and Grand Hotel, two no longer in production shows…and she’s also in something called Hunt for the Bone Collector, whatever that is….but more importatnly, she’s doing an old burlesque trick of “am I naked behind this, wouldn’t you like to know”….even though Burlesque fucking sucks…just look at Dita Von Teese if you need a refresher in how dumb it is.

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