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Arina Lush Tan Line Titty Photoshoot of the Day

You don’t need to know who Arina Lush is….because I don’t know who she is. I just think the tanline photoshoot she is the star of is pretty great…I mean not THAT great, but still something a little different, a little comedic or ironic, a little Canadian Prime Minister in Black/Brownface, like every single fucking girl on INSTAGRAM, including but not limited to Ariana Grande, but who don’t get called out as racists…because we’re too busy jerking off to them…coupled with not thinking that brown make-up is a racist thing. It is not “mocking” people to emulate people…it’s all in good fun…

I am not trying to overhype this shoot, it’s really not THAT great but my expectations are so low from all the laziness of social media photoshoots that something as basic as this stands out. I think that’s more a testament of the state of instagram content and less about these tits…that are still tits being shown off for attention..

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