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Ashley Mattingly Suicide of the Day


There is a story about a “Playboy Playmate” who killed herself after feeling overly isolated during the COVID crisis because her Playboy dreams didn’t work out for her and she ended up back home in Texas or wherever the fuck she is from depressed…and this was the answer…because nude models are broken at their core…..

I had never heard of her, despite posting pics of sluts ALL fucking day the last 15 years, so she obviously did a VERY bad job marketing herself after Playboy…

But I do know girls like her, who were the “hot” girl or the “ugly” girl who wanted to be the hot girl, so they chose nude modeling…

When they ended up booking Playboy for very little money, they felt like they found god and that ALL their questions were answered….idiots.


Not realizing that HUGH had lost his mind the last 15 years of the business as he maintained his lifestyle as he went broke and senile.

He gave the ONLINE version to the people who run a massive porn tube, who I guess he got paid out on, and that they used to raise capital from Investors to dilute the throatfucking porn with “But we own Playboy.com under license”….

Anyway, their strategy was to book every pile of shit trashy girl, you know the girls with playboy tattoos became the girls of playboy….

The brand went from 12 amazing girls they’d pay 100k or more to and sign into a marketing / agency partnership with. To 356 shoots a year of any bitch willing to get naked….from porn chicks to strippers to trash with the playboy dream…

Eventually, the family took the brand back…but there was a 5 year window of SHIT…where you’d see some pig be like “my playboy shoot is so good” that she made like 1000 dollars to be part of.

I will assume this dead from suicide idiot was one of those trashy girls who thought she won the lottery to learn she was just clickbait to keep the site worth visiting daily to the subscribers…since the internet era doesn’t allow for 1 shoot a month.

Anyway, she’s dead…RIP MOTHERFUCKER.


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Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly Proud of Being a Whore of the Day

It’s always nice to see a whore proud of her work that is hardly work cuz she gets paid to get naked, something most of us to for free and in some cases get paid to not do cuz they look offensive as fuck naked…

I love that certain whores think being Playmate of the year is some major accomplishment, when Playboy is nothing but a garbage irrelevant magazine that has consistently selected the trailer trash to be their Playmates, when the magazine was actually built on some level of substance, with pussy that was just hot girls willing to get naked on hippie shit, while now it’s all these hardened stripper looking garbage and the whole thing bores me…getting naked for money isn’t an accomplishment…even if it is fun to look at sometimes…even if they all look the fucking same FOLLOW ME

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