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Lip Sync of the Week of the Day

This video is amazing. I laughed and I never laugh…I guess Asians aren’t the robots from the future I thought they were….

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I am – Duck Doctors of the Day

I am not sure why I am posting this. There are no sluts. There are no homeless people. It’s just a video from a restaurant in China that I thought was fucking strange. To be served by men dressed like doctors seemed like some kind of weird sexual fetish and I was compelled to share it with the world. It’s not to say it’s good or funny or whatever, but I am sure you’ve jerked off to stranger things….so get going and think about how succulent and fatty that duck meat is or maybe you’re more into stuffing the meatless carcass like a turkey…even though it’s a duck because you’re crazy like that. This is some next level porn….Cuddles.

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