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Aspiring Models Nude for Fashion of the Day

Ceci Barros, Rocio Somoza and Allison Lopez are topless…..I don’t know who these cunts are either, I just know they are aspiring models who are willing to get topless for money or to advance their careers and I think that’s something worth celebrating. These are probably some of the same girls who just 2 years ago, before deciding they had the chance to make it as models, wouldn’t get naked on camera for anyone, but now all of a sudden, it’s just business.

Sure lots of girls have this attitude, because they are whores, but I still think not enough girls strip down for personal gain…So they need to stop wasting their time doing the masters degrees, law degrees and doctorates, because education doesn’t pay…getting naked does…

This is just where we are at in the world, not that getting naked for money is a new thing, it’s just that it’s more mainstream thing thanks to the Internet, cuz girls who never would have got naked this easily are, cuz we are desentized and they know what it takes to keep the fuck up….

As long as you spin that there is personal gain in the mix for them, and I’ve learned that a dude jerking off to them isn’t quite enough…they seem pretty inclined to deliver the goods…

So here are some “model” tit, you probably wouldn’t have been able to see prior to them deciding they want to be models, but now shit’s all over the internet…WTF. OMG.

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