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Ataui Deng is some Hot Black Fashion Nudity of the Day

I figure if you’re going to book a black model, you might as well go for the darkest shade you can find, because all those light skinned girls are just playing, you know trying to be accessible to the white market as their ethnic friend who isn’t too ethnic that they will get stared at…when what really matters is finding a girl straight from Sudan, who looks like she from another fucking era, that really taps into any white industrialist’s fetish of taking over Africa back when white people took over Africa, where they bang the tribal women along the way…

I mean, I think this girl looks like a work of art. Classy, elegant, and not like someone in line at walmart, with diabetes being candies…I’m talking amazing..and this shoot is great too, but I could just be saying that because I love tennis and the idea of seeing naked girls play tennis is porn to me., or maybe I just like her long legs and tight African booty…it’s just so different and reminiscent of my youth jerking off to National Geographic tits, back when porn was unattainable…

I’m in love. This is one of the best fashion shoots to happen in a long fucking time.

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