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Some WWE Wrestler Named Dave Batista’s Daughter Athena’s Sex Tape of the Day

Who the fuck cares. She’s some Snooki looking bitch who looks like every other white trash pussy trying to get a head in some shitty lookin’ sex tape. If I wanted to see a fat chick fuck, I’d just mount my wife like the dog that she is, or even hit up any bar and have my pickings, cuz fat chicks are fucking easy, whether their dad’s are wrestlers or not. Who gives a fuck. I think fucking myself with a sharp object would be more interesting, because at least then I’d feel something other than boredom…you know pain, bleeding, anger, humilation…anything but what I am feeling now.

This is so low level bottom feeding, I mean some random wrestler I’ve never hear of’s daughter’s sex tape, that I can only assume it actually is his daughter, and I guess it is in effort to pay the family mortgage, you know since the world has realized that wrestling is fucking homosexual…so homosexual that maybe she should ask her dad how to show her some moves to be a little more exciting on camera with her leg locks and shit…

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