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Olivia Munn for Complex in a Bikini of the Day

I know that I pick up Complex for the articles (about me) but it turns out they’ve gone out and done a photoshoot with Olivia Munn so maybe you should pick it up for the pictures.

This is an ego post because I was mentioned on Olivia Munn’s show “Attack of the Show” and I was mentioned in Complex Magazine as the one of the Men of Next Year . Now neither have made me any fucking money or landed me more traffic but I figured that Olivia Munn are being brought together by destiny.

The funny thing about destiny is that it doesn’t exist, it is just a good tool to trick girls into thinking you are a romantic and they’ll either accept a date with you or call the police and issue a restraining order. The good news is that girls are romantics so they usually accept the date after you claim that you are connected at the soul and were lovers in a past life and tell her how good it is so good to finally come together again, even though that shit would creep me the fuck out if the tables were turned….

So once you are in the same room as a bitch you need to get her pregnant by association. That means throwing cum at her and hoping some of it sticks in the right places, because she may not have all that much of a career but she’s richer than me and despite the homeless fecal artist down the street being richer than me at least Olivia Munn has a house and hotter body and I am superficial like that. Plus moving into the homeless fecal artist’s home under the overpass wouldn’t be so good in the winter and her always smells like shit…

So Olivia Munn, If you’re out there….We are connected at the soul. Let’s do lunch and rekindle our love. So Much has happened since I saw you 4 lives ago….but give me a couple week’s notice because i need to start milking myself like the lactating woman, otherwise my plan to K-Fed you will never work….since I’m kinda impotent

Olivia Munn Complex Bikini TitsOlivia Munn Complex Bikini TitsOlivia Munn Complex Bikini Tits

Olivia Munn Complex Bikini TitsOlivia Munn Complex Bikini TitsOlivia Munn Complex Bikini Tits

Olivia Munn Complex Bikini Tits

Check Out The Olivia Munn Interview and Pictures at Complex

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