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August Ames is the Dead Pornstar of the Day

August Ames is the Dead Pornstar

I don’t watch porn, I actually hate porn, I find it vile, disgusting and the people involved ugly…unless they are Eastern European, and if you have a soul it’s pretty sad to see the desperate girls trying to do what they can for that Louis Vuitton purse…

We are in an era where people send nudes, and you don’t need angry throat fucking with, and the girls in porn, no matter what they tell you are all fucked up..

So this August Ames girl…apparently killed herself, because as a porn chick, by default, has mental issues…

She was born Mercedes Grabowski – a porn name to begin with – in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1994, and worked in a bar and at a tanning salon before joining the adult film industry in 2013…

Really insane…she was cute, had lots left to do, but Porn is disgusting as fuck and the fall of society on all levels…truth..

I am sure you can google her to see her being violated to fuck for very little pay…in an industry you per

What a fucking waste..

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