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Aura Dione and Ulrike Huebner Show Off Their Tits of the Day

I don’t know who this Ulrike bitch is and apparently either does google, but she was out at some event showing nipple and I guess that’s all a bitch has to do to get noticed….

I’m not gonna lie, I do find it depressing that just a few years ago actual celebrities were pullin’ this shit like it was some kind of joke, giving me famous nipple to talk about the color, shape, size and placement to talk about, but like any trend that trickled down into the mainstream, not that Ulrike Huebner is mainstream, but she’s just representative of all the everyday girls who let their nipples get exposed, something I guess I shouldn’t ignore, since I love nipples and something I don’t ignore when I experience it first hand…since it’s almost impossible to not see a chick’s nipple when you leave your house these days, especially when you only leave your house to go to stripclubs…

I gotta be more positive about shit…all female nipples..not matter how ugly, deformed or weird they are, are worth looking at…and I am on a quest to get every single girl I ever come across to show me their nipple, just as soon as I’m not too lazy to get out of my chair…

I definitely don’t know who this Aura bitch is and she is freaking me out but she’s showing cleavage…and sometimes that’s enough to soothe me.

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