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Aurelia Gliwski in Skinny Campaign of the Day

Aurelia Gliwski is a model in some campaign for something called Skinny, which works for me because she’s hot…skinny and most important, her name is Oral….

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Aurelia Gliwski Shitty Bikini Shoot of the Day

Her name is Aurelia Gliwski. She’s 30. Which is pretty fucking old considering no one fucking knows who she is….Yet she’s still working at her dreams of getting paid to be a model, like so many low levels she’s competing with, who just won’t throw in the fucking towel…because she probably makes more money doing random campaigns 4 times a year, and hanging on the beach partying the rest of the time, campaigns like this one, than most people make working a shit job as a waitress at Denny’s or in her case the Outback Steakhouse, since she’s Australian…and they seek out the accent at that shit hole…

So why stop a good thing, especially when you’re already a rich kid, or the guys you date since you’re a model are rich…legal prostitution yo’…reminding us that people at all levels are dong trades for sex…and shit’s just as morally void, but society is more accepting of the one that isn’t hooking on the street…

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Aurelia Gliwski in Lingerie of the Day

Her name is Aurelia Gliwski….no idea where she’s from….

She’s a low level 28 year old model who no one has ever heard of…but still making more money than any of us…cuz all she needs is a campaign like this every couple of months that pays her 10,000 dollars to get half naked…and shit’s far better than working an actual job…think of all the free time she has to get high, drunk, suck dick, play, party, travel, etc…..cuz she only needs to work 10 days a fucking year….

You see cuz everyone focuses on the top models…the supermodels…the 300,000 dollar per campaign models…but the world is filled with hot babes willing to get naked in hopes of being a top model super model…while making more than a decent salary doing it….and you’ve likely never heard of her…and either have I…

But you likely don’t care about her….because you don’t believe we are all god’s children…you believe the media endorsed garbage is better than the less promoted cuz it has marketing budget behind it…it is the American way….give thanks….

While I prefer the girls who want to one day be that top model…nearing the end of the road as 30 approaches…who still get low level model gigs and live the model life…but more importantly who give me hope that they are willing to fuck with me to get to the top….when in reality…they don’t….m

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