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Azealia Banks Nipples of the Day

Azealia Banks NIpples See Through

Azealia Banks, the rapper bitch who kills chickens in her apartment cause she’s a fucking weirdo who spent some time in Canada where she met her DJ music partner who I’ve heard said she’s a wild one…is out there with her bolt on tits.

She’s already been naked, she’s done Playboy so they are tits we know….and probably avoid cuz they are always involved in the dumbest scandals involving Elon Musk, Grimes, Iggy Azalea…pretty much anyone she can call out…she calls out…which I guess can be appreciated if you care about this low level celebrity thing…I prefer to just look at the tits and encourage the posting of the tits cuz they are tits.


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Azealia Banks Big Black Voodoo Ass of the Day

azealia banks lingerie erotic photoshoot

Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey got into twitter beef which is so ridiculous…because they both are fucking garbage..

Lana is some Lake Placid New York private school rich kid with a rich dad who financed her dream and it worked. While Azealia Banks is just some annoying chick who lived in Canada that can’t control her low level of fame and keeps acting up with it…I’ve met people who work with her and they all say she’s destroyed her career a few times over from doing totally insane and annoying things…whether that’s killing chickens in her apartment…or talking about Elon Musk’s dick…it was ruining the pay day for everyone on her team that liked getting paid..while annoying everyone who don’t even care who Azealia Banks is but hear the stories because we can’t avoid idiotic pop culture news…

You know famous enough for other famous people to notice. Someone like you or me can tweet these people all day for a month and not get noticed…

Seeing Lana Del Rey drop threats about beating this thickness makes me laugh, not because I care, but because rich kids usually fist fight by saying “do you know who my dad is, I’ll call our lawyer”…

Seeing Azealia Banks ass out, not quite as good as her bolt on titty shoot…

But still a good time….with that big old ass out!

Here is the twitter beef

Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey Twitter Beef

Here are her IG STory / SNAP CHAT TITS


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Azealia Banks Nude of the Day

Azealia Banks Nude


Azealia Banks is a known chicken in the closet killer, because she claims it’s cultural, despite what her neighbors may think after hearing it happen…She’s a fake rapper who offends people on social media, a personality who we’ve heard about, because at one time did Playboy nude, so you’ve seen her nude, but we never really gave a fuck about…because why would we….and now she’s promoting her new album naked…as she should..the way it’s done,..getting it girl…and we should encourage her and others to do the same…because I’m ready for the day Taylor Swift busts out her new love song pussy spread eagled for all to see just how broken she really is….

Encourage this trend…

But unfortunatley Azealia Banks was barely famous at her peak, and no one actually cares about her or her contrived career, that her crazy couldn’t keep going becuase she’s crazy…so the chances of nude girls promoting music becoming a trend in the short term are slim to none..but the world needs people like Azealia Banks to pay the way, to be the first mover, to start the momentum to a place I like…

She’s on some Avatar shit.

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Azealia Banks Got Good SHorts of the Day

Azealia Banks is a crazy person, but crazy people are entertaining and one of the more interesting stunts she’s pulled was some african tribal chicken kill in her closet that she posted about…nuts….She also pics fights with other celebs, like Rihanna and keeps herself relevant by being a fucking nutcase..and that alone is worth noticing….or paying attention to…since all these celebs are usually so fucking calculated…everything they do is strategic, fake, and boring. They all pretend to be friends while actually hating each other…because they are competing….which is why I never believe shit like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift being soul sisters…fuck that..they all use each other…so when someone comes in and calls these idiots out…I approve of their message…

I also approve of her shorts..

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Azealia Banks Has Bolt on Tits of the Day


Azealia Banks has always been on the fringe of famous. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t make money, or that she doesn’t have fans, it just means she’s never really hit superstar status, she’s more of a party girl with a record deal….

Based on me not knowing anything about music, I remember her as a girl who went head to head with the more famous, white version of her, by having some kind of lame “famous but not that famous” fight with a girl named Iggy Azalea, even though they have the same fucking name…you’d think they were just adopted useless, barely famous, sisters…

Well, clearly she knows how to draw attention to herself, whether it was calling a flight attendant a faggot, because they usually are, or her PLAYBOY FEATURE ..

Or this, showing off her bolt on breast implants to push a mix tape, to get back in the mix, because we like tits, these ones just haven’t quite settled yet and look weird…

I’m into this kind of marketing…

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Azealia Banks Calls a Flight Attendant a Faggot of the Day

In things you don’t care about…

Hipster rapper, who has a very bad attitude because she doesn’t realize that she’s not as big of a deal as she thinks she is, was either kicked off a plane from NYC to LAX last night, or just a cunt on the plane from NYC to LAX….

The story is dumb, her reaction dumb, me posting this dumb, because I don’t give a fuck about mediocre at best music acts…

But she called a flight attendant a fucking faggot and the word faggot always makes me happy to hear, it’s one of those words social justice warriors are trying to get erased from the internet and life…and we can’t allow that…

So when a rapper, hipster, probably “feminist” drops it, because all these idiots are vain and hypocrites…I get excited…

I don’t find Azealia Banks hot, I doubt you’ve heard any of her songs, but yet that little bit of fame…has made her a fucking faggot…cunt….who treats people like shit…because she’s garbage..

Here she is naked…

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Azealia Banks for Playboy of the Day


Azealia Banks is not Iggy Azaeala, they just have the same fucking name, which probably helps both of their campaigns in trying to be the hottest and most relevant female hipster rapper that caters to white suburbia….only this one has the insight to get naked for Playboy’s April issue, because naked is cool, it’s hip, it’s fashion…and Playboy, despite being innovators in nudity in magazines, lost their edge because Hefner got old, lost his mind and loved tranny looking white trash chicks with stupid fake tits, amd is now trying to reinvent themselves…and I guess I am always supportive of nudtiy…always..

I don’t think she’s hot..but I like her strategy..

Here’s the video…

More nudity:

Find out more at PLAYBOY

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Azealia Banks Walks OFf Stage After Being Hit in the Head of the Day

Her name is Azealia Banks, you probably don’t know her, she’s a girl rapper like Nicki Minaj only more hipster accessible and people love her. You know the kind of girl who was getting some success so Miley researched her hustle to copy what she does in efforts of being the hollywood rich as fuck version of Azealia Banks….

Well someone through a can at her when she was performing the other day, and she walked off stage, and this email was sent to me a few times, because I guess not everyone appreciates Azealia Banks and probably think she deserves this more than the fame she gets, while I say, save the throwing of things at stage for people like Katy Perry, who can’t sing, yet insist on singing…and leave Azealia Banks alone….

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Azealia Banks for SPIN of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Azealia Banks or her music. I don’t know any of her songs. I just know she’s being marketed hard and she’s getting famous and the youth are fucking loving her even though she’s not hot…..

I know you’re thinking some racist shit, cuz she’s black, you know like that I don’t like her kind, or her color, or whatever but the truth is that I love black girls all of the time and I want to fuck them 70 percent of the time, even the fat ones, cuz they are so exotic and have so much flavor…..and now I am left to wonder if it is considered racist to generalize black chicks as being something I want to fuck, you know slotting them in that box cuz I want that box or if racism only counts when the mass generalization is negative….

I guess that’s just another flaw in our society….and here’s Azealia Banks getting more famous for Spin magazine.

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Azealia Banks in her Underwear of the Day

Azealia Banks is some hipster party rapper who works with people like Diplo….trying to be the next Rihanna/Nicki Minaj/Katy Perry and the funny thing about her isn’t that her dad died when she was two, even though I like black girls raised in single parent households, it’s so rare to find….the funny thing about her is that she lived in Montreal, which is where I live and I woulda totally fucked her if black girls liked me more than enough to not spit in my face, laugh in my face, or call me a racist….more importantly I woulda fucked her if I knew she was gonna be famous, cuz the herpes would have kept us bonded forever….I’m a fame whore like that….like K-Fed, I just want the good life and would jump on all opportunities that present themselves….

Anyway, she’s posing in some underwear and I’m posting it.

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