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Phone Sex Babe of the Day

Her name is ALEX and I had a conversation with her last night when I got back from being cock teased by strippers…who took our money, rode our dicks, put their tits in our mouths and showed us their buttonholes, but refused to come back to the hotel with us…because that’s what strippers do…at least modern strippers who don’t get that strip tease, isn’t about cocktease and stealing money, but about fucking fantasy..

Anyway, here I was at 3 in the morning, drunk, and covered in Chinese food, forced to make a choice….hooker, rub and tug or phonesex…

I chose phone sex…because I figure jerking off in the bathroom while my wife is snoring to a girl who lets me listen to her vagina wetness while telling me to do bad things to her…is the option with the least change of giving my wife an STD, or being called out for cheating…again..

I am also a bit of a phone sex fetishist, because I think the fantasy is way more appealing than actually the smell of sex I would pay for..

Either way, Alex was good, I am in love, and we’re going to be forever friends…

Here are the 2 pics of her…


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