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Rebecca Gayheart’s Baby Hasn’t Been Run Over By Someone on her Cellphone of the Day

I don’t need a lawsuit, so let me say this before I go on, Rebecca Gayheart and her high paid lawyers are not actual murderers. She legally got off because the court system is fucking corrupt…but her car did hit a kid and that kid is dead and no matter how legally responsible she is or not, as far as I am concerned her car did kill a kid….and when you’re driving and paying attention to the road and not trying to cut through traffic caused by people stopping for a kid crossing the street, cuz you are so important and in a rush while talking on your cellphone, and a motherfuckin kid gets killed, I think it’s your fault….so in the court of Drunkenstepfather, where logic outweighs expensive lawyers and loopholes, bitch is a fucking murderer..

That said, she just had a kid of her own…not that you care…but I like to check in and see if Karma has got its revenge yet, and by Karma I mean the little Mexican kid she ran over’s mother…to punish Gayheart since the courts didn’t..by taking her baby before it’s time….

I don’t want you to think this has anything to do with Rebecca Gayheart being relevant, because even in lesbian threesomes she bores me….The only thing she’s good for is if she decides to license her name to some Gay porn producers for their “Crazy Heart” gay porn, about a country singer who is down on his luck and writes a hit song for a kid he mentored with anal but who is now a star starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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