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Are these videos for Real of the Day?

This is a video by some dude named Imann Faith, who is some Arab dude and I watched it along with a lot other people, so I guess he’s some kind of hero in Muslim countries, because they are all about supporting their own people or some shit, I mean when they aren’t blowing themselves up, but when I watched it I realized that this can not be for real, you have to watch it until you see the dude who sings the chorus, if they didn’t just pull him out of one of those Wayan Brother’s comedies, where he’s the foreign exchange student trying to fit in by dressing so hip hop it’s too hip hop and becomes a joke, shit’s fuckin’ comedy. Seriously the cheesiest music I’ve seen in a while. Good times.


Here’s some self produced white rapper who starts his song with a line from Superbad, showing where his originality lies and gives an idea of where this shit is gonna go, but he gets decent lookin girls in their bikinis simulating dick suckin’ for the video, so frat boys everywhere can start listening to this and throwin’ their fists up while chanting it as it comes on in the club, and I really hope this shit doesn’t end up in places I go, cuz I find this kind of thing tedious and not funny at all, but I do it for the Frat Boys….

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