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Banazir Bhutto Scandalous Pics of the Day

I don’t know shit about Arab politics. I don’t know about Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan…all I know is that that is where oil comes from, where heroin comes from, wheree women who generally know their place come from….who unfortunataly wear bed sheets to cover themeselves up so hard that seeing their hands is the only skin you can have jerk off fantasies about…I mean unless you’re there and you just pull the bitch into an alley or have sex with a goat…..at least that’s what a cab driver once told me and that’s all I really know….

So this BANAZIR BHUTTO is an unknown to me….but after much research I have discovered she was killed in 2007, was the Prime Minister of Pakistan twice and is now in some scandalous pics, 5 year after death, cuz that’s just what happens with the whole internet thing….nothing ever dies…

Now sure all she is showing is some leg in some personal pics, but in Muslim countries, this shit is like fisting yourself in front of everyone while using a Sadam Hussien shaped dildo on your fucking ass….It’s a fucking scandal and that’s why I’m posting it…I love scandals…even if I have no idea who is in them or if the people in the pics are actually the people being claimed to be in them….especially when the scandal is so fucking tame….and all these bitches kinda look the fucking same…..That’s racist

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