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Barbara Di Creddo for LUI Magazine of the Day


Barbara Di Creddo is a Brazilian model who is apparently the new Victoria’s Secret girl or was a new Victoria’s Secret girl from 2015, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before, but I have facial and photo recognition issues, they all look the fucking same. I’ve seen all their tits, they are all relatively the same, that doesn’t mean I don’t like seeing their tits, it just means I’d have to be a specific weirdo Victoria’s Secret fan boy to know this one or to point this one out amongst all their other ones….I also hate black and white pictures, even those that remind me of cheesy early 90s romance post cards or some 90s Chirs Issaks video…..so seeing her softcore grind on some dude does zero for me – but it’s probably a big deal for her – you know getting that name out there so she can be the next Beatriz Barros with a brand new Billionaire husband by the time she turns 30.

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